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Lübeck: +49 4502 3075 – 0
Rostock: +49 381 67069 – 0
St.Petersburg: +7 812 3808365

AEOC Certificate ISO 9001:2015

OOO ECL Rus, St. Petersburg

With our associated company “OOO ECL Rus” in St. Petersburg, established in November 2015, we offer door-to-door transport solutions to and from Russia.

Our experience and extensive know-how makes us the first choice where the transhipment and transportation of conventional and large quantities of general cargo, as well as project and heavy goods cargoes to or from Russia are concerned. Side by side with our Short Sea specialist department at the Port of Lübeck, we provide the entire range of transport services from the consignor to the consignee.

In addition to classic container transport by truck/ship, we have developed a very special service package with our Intermodal Services. The linking of maritime transport services to/from St. Petersburg with our rail transport services to Verona, Ludwigshafen and the Ruhr Valley region, as well as other connections via the Lübeck hub enables us to provide non-stop transport as far as Southern Italy, France and Spain – and with extremely attractive run times. With the help of container depots set up in Italy and at German railway depots, we also operate Russian import transportation services from these regions to St. Petersburg via Lübeck.

On request, we also take care of delivery to the Russian consignee by truck and arrange for a customs broker in Russia if needed.

As an alternative to the container, the shipping of goods by ro-ro transport on MAFI’s or other roll trailers for heavy loads is a further speciality in our range of services. Subsequent to maritime transport, we offer direct transhipment onto conventional railcars in both St. Petersburg and Lübeck.

OOO European Cargo Logistics Rus
Woskressenskaja naberezhnaja, Haus 6-8
191015 Sankt Petersburg

OOO Еуропеан Карго Лоджистикс Рус
Воскресенская наб.6-8
191015 Санкт Петербург

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Dmytro Grybkov
Дмитро Грибков

General Manager der OOO ECL Rus
генеральный директор  ООО ЕЦЛ Рус

Phone: +7 (812) 380 83 65

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