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Lübeck: +49 4502 3075 – 0
Rostock: +49 381 67069 – 0
St.Petersburg: +7 812 3808365

AEOC Certificate ISO 9001:2015

ECL GmbH - Your Reliable Logistics Partner

Our organisation has been successfully operating in the market till 40 years, and since the 1st July 1999 under the name

European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL GmbH).

We are a 100% subsidiary of the Luebecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH.

Company History

July 1970 Establishment of Impaka GmbH -import of paper and board- as the logistic company of the Finnish paper- and board industry by shareholders Finnpap/Finnboard
January 1973 Changed name to Warico GmbH -import of paper and board- by shareholders Finnpap/Finnboard
September 1996 Takeover by Finnish Paper organisation UPM-Kymmene Corp. and changed name to UPM-Kymmene Distribution GmbH
July 1999 Sale of 49% of the stake to Luebecker Hafen-Gesellschaft GmbH, changed name to European Cargo Logistics GmbH (ECL GmbH)
January 2001 Luebecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH takes over 100 % ECL GmbH
January 2004 ECL GmbH establishes a branch in Rostock and takes over the logistic activities of UPM-Kymmene Sales GmbH
July 2009 ECL GmbH celebrates 10-year anniversary
November 2015 ECL GmbH opens subsidiary "OOO ECL Rus" in St. Petersburg