Data Protection Declaration

European Cargo Logistics Data Protection Declaration

This Data Protection Declaration applies to all telemedia of European Cargo Logistics GmbH Company, thus also Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and additional websites. 

The careful handling of your personal information has a particularly high priority at our company. Thus, we value your trust in us that we will handle this information conscientiously. 

1. Responsible Party

The party responsible in accordance with the data protection laws valid for Germany shall be European Cargo Logistics GmbH, Zum Hafenplatz 1, 23570 Lübeck. You can find detailed contact information in the Imprint section. 

2. Legal basis

In general, we shall collect, process and store personal data (and user data) in order to fulfil the contractual purpose. Moreover, subject to the principle of data economy, data shall be collected in order to safeguard our legitimate interests. In this regard, a careful balancing of interests shall be undertaken between our legitimate interests and the interests or fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms of the person affected. 

For cases in which personal data (and user data) are collected which extend beyond the contractual purpose or the safeguarding of our legitimate interests, you – as the user –must actively approve this usage. This consent may be revoked at any time with immediate effect. Simply send us an email in this regard to

3. Which Data are Stored?

Each accessing of our homepage and each retrieval of a file stored on the homepage shall be logged. The storage shall serve for internal system-related and statistical purposes. The following shall be logged: Website from which the file was requested (so-called referrer URL), name of the retrieved file, date and time of day of the retrieval, data quantity transmitted, notification of successful retrieval, web browser and querying domain. In addition, the IP addresses of the querying computers shall be logged. 

Any more extensive personal data shall be collected only if you have voluntarily provided these data, e.g. for an inquiry or registration, or sent us an e-mail. 

The Internet pages sometimes use so-called cookies. Cookies are smaller text files which are transmitted together with the data actually requested from the Internet to your computer. These data are stored there and made available for subsequent retrieval. 

Most of the cookies that we use are so-called “session cookies”. They are automatically deleted after your visit ends. Other cookies remain stored on your device until you delete them. These cookies enable us to recognise your browser during your next visit. 

You can adjust the settings on your browser in such a manner that you are notified of the placement of cookies and permit the storage of cookies only in the individual case, prevent the acceptance of cookies for certain cases or generally, as well as activate the automatic deletion of cookies by closing the browser. However, if you deactivate the cookies, the usability of the website may be partially restricted. 

4. Purposes of the Processing of Personal Data

Insofar as the Internet site offers the option of entering personal or business data (email addresses, names and postal addresses), the disclosure of these data by the user shall ensure on an expressly voluntary basis. These data shall be processed and stored exclusively for the purposes specified where they are collected. In this case, too, your data shall be handled confidentially and not disseminated to third parties. There will not be any linking with the aforementioned access data. The same will apply if you send us information via e-mail. 

No dissemination to other third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes shall be undertaken. 

5. Are Data Transmitted to Third Parties?

Your personal data shall be disseminated or transmitted to third parties only if this is required for the purpose of the fulfilment of the contractual agreement, this is required for billing purposes or you have approved this in advance. You shall have the right, at any time, to revoke a consent that has already been issued with effect for the future. 

In order to improve the user experience or to attain an optimised layout for the contents, we shall use programmes from the following providers: 

Google Maps

European Cargo Logistics uses Google Maps API in order to display map-based information. During the usage of Google Maps, Google shall also collect, process and use data relating to the visitors’ usage of the maps. You can find additional information regarding Google’s data processing in Google’s Data Protection Declaration. There, you can also change your personal data protection settings in the Data Protection Centre.


European Cargo Logistics shall send out an email newsletter at irregular intervals. By subscribing to our newsletter, you hereby declare your consent for us to send you corresponding advertising emails as well as evaluate your usage statistically. We shall send these exclusively subject to the recipient’s consent for the purposes specified when consent was granted or on the basis of permission under the law to do so. 

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, we shall require you to provide us with an email address as well as information permitting us to verify that you are indeed the owner of the email address that has been provided and consent to receive the newsletter. 

In order to guarantee that you consent to the sending of the newsletter, we shall use the so-called double opt-in procedure. During this procedure, the potential recipient shall be placed on a distribution list. The user shall then, via a confirmation email, receive the opportunity to confirm his subscription to the newsletter with legal certainty. Only when the confirmation has been carried out shall the address be actively placed on the distribution list. 

We shall use these data exclusively in order to send the requested information and offers. 

Newsletter2Go shall be used as the newsletter software. In this regard, your data shall be transmitted to Newsletter2Go GmbH. In so doing, Newsletter2Go shall be forbidden from selling your data and using them for purposes other than for the sending of newsletters. Newsletter2Go is a German, certified provider which has been selected based upon the requirements specified in the General Data Protection Regulation and the German Data Protection Act. 

You can find additional information here: 

You may, at any time, revoke the consent that has been issued for the storage of the data, the email address as well as their use for sending the newsletter, e.g. by clicking on the "Cancel" link in the newsletter. 

The data protection measures shall always be subject to technical innovations. For this reason, we request that you review our data protection measures in our Data Protection Declaration on a regular basis. 

By utilising the logged double opt-in procedure, we shall ensure that nobody can register via third-party email addresses. In order to be able to document this, the registrations are logged, on the basis of our legitimate interests, with the registration and confirmation times as well as the submitting party’s IP address. Any changes to the submitted data shall also be logged. It shall suffice if you provide your email address. Additional data are optional or can be provided in pseudonymised form. We would be glad to specify the legal basis to you in this regard (consent and/or legal permission). 

You may, at any time, cancel the newsletter – thus revoking your consent. You can find the corresponding link for cancelling the newsletter at the end of each newsletter. In order to be able to document a consent that has been previously granted, we may store the email addresses of persons who cancel the newsletter for up to three more years to safeguard our legitimate interests. They shall then be deleted. An immediate deletion shall be possible if consent has been confirmed in this regard. 


This Internet site is hosted on the servers of the 1&1 Internet SE Company, Elgendorfer Straße 57, 56410 Montabaur. In this regard, the administration is carried out as a "managed server" by 1&1 Internet SE. This shall also affect the storage and processing of log files. Initially, the aforementioned storage of the IP addresses shall be for a period of seven days comprehensively. After this timeframe, the IP addresses in the log files shall be anonymised. Insofar as 1&1 offers configuration options for usage in accordance with the principle of data economy, we shall use these. You can find additional details in the Data Protection Declaration of 1&1

 6. Safeguarding Personal Data

For security reasons and in order to protect the transmission of confidential contents, e.g. from the inquiries which you send to us as the website operator, this website uses an SSL encryption method. You can recognise an encrypted connection from the fact that the address line of the browser will switch from http:// to   and from the lock symbol in your browser line. If the SSL encryption has been activated, the data that you transmit to us cannot also be read by unauthorised third parties. 

By using all technical and organisational options, we shall endeavour to store your personal data in such a manner that they are not accessible to third parties. In the case of communication via email, we cannot guarantee complete data security, with the result that we therefore recommend that you send us confidential information via the postal service. 

7.    Information, Correction, Blocking and Deletion of Data

You shall have the right to request, free of charge, information regarding the data stored about your person as well as, where applicable, a right to the correction, blocking or deletion of these data. You can find our contact data in the Imprint section.  

For all issues regarding the subject of data protection at European Cargo Logistics, we shall be happy to provide you with assistance at any time. Please send us an email to, describing your issue as precisely as possible. We shall then review the factual circumstances of the issue and endeavour to clarify the situation.  

The stored personal data shall be deleted if you revoke your consent for storage, if the knowledge thereof is no longer required for the fulfilment of the purpose being pursued through the storage or if the storage thereof is impermissible owing to other legal reasons. This shall also be valid for information transmitted via email. 

Transmitted personal data shall be deleted upon the fulfilment of the prescribed purpose. The deletion that is undertaken by third-party providers shall be subject to their own valid guidelines. 

We reserve the right to notify you within certain time intervals of any changes in and updates to our valid guidelines. We recommend that you visit our Internet site at regular intervals in order to review any changes and updates. Insofar as nothing to the contrary has been agreed, the usage of all information regarding our customers and customer accounts shall be subject to this Data Protection Declaration. 

Data Protection Officer

For all issues and concerns regarding the subject of data protection, please contact the Data Protection Officer at European Cargo Logistics GmbH: 

Dr. Andreas Höpken
Tel. +49 4502 807 5214
Fax: +49 4502 807 45214