19.11.2020 - Innovative logistics solution from Russia via Lübeck to Italy

They are 280 cm high, measure139 cm in circumference and weigh just under 4 tons.

This MAFI, which has just arrived on a ship from St. Petersburg, is carrying rolls of paper. Cardboard rolls, to be more precise, intended for the production of all kinds of cardboard packaging. A global paper and cardboard manufacturer has entrusted us with the transportation of its products from the Russian factory to the end user in Italy.

The rolls are transhipped immediately as soon as they arrive in Lübeck. Given the size of the individual rolls, the only transport possible is by wagon. Loading the large rollers onto the railcar is precision work. No problem for the handling facility staff. Once the railcar is loaded, it goes straight on to Italy to an interim storage facility where the rolls wait to be delivered to the cardboard packaging manufacturer. Exactly when he needs it. Just in time!


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