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ECL hands over Christmas donation to the organisation S.O.S. e.V.

 Just before Christmas, on 14 December 2017, Managing Director Jörg Ullrich and our colleague Gabriela Röhr-Müller presented our 2017 Christmas donation cheque to the Selbsthilfe Organisation Soziales e.V. (S.O.S. e.V.) self-help social organisation.

The donation cheque will benefit the Café W.u.T. (Warm and Dry) meeting place in Lübeck. Café W.u.T. is a meeting point for people who are socially deprived. The staff, who are all volunteers, take care of homeless men and women of all age groups, pensioners with inadequate social pensions (who do not claim basic social security out of false pride), young people with no fixed income, single parents and their children (infants and toddlers), as well as addicts and mentally ill people.

Every day, the staff serve a hot lunch to around 100 of their fellow human beings who are in need. With the trend rising! In addition to something to eat and drink, there is also the possibility for them to wash and dry their clothes, with showers also available for personal hygiene.

Café W.u.T. is mainly visited by guests of German nationality, but people fleeing from violence and war also seek shelter and help there. It is particularly tough in the winter months, and Café W.u.T. then provides a few sleeping areas for homeless people. So some sleeping bags will also be purchased from the ECL donation.

We are very impressed by the work carried out there and by the commitment of the voluntary staff and would like to wish Café W.u.T. much continued success for the future.


Photo(ECL): Jörg Ullrich middle back, Gabriela Röhr-Müller 2. from left