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ECL und Green Cargo ento into an intermodal cooperation

ECL and the Swedish railway company Green Cargo have agreed to cooperate in the intermodal sector by connecting Malmö, Trelleborg and Lübeck.By linking their intermodal connections, they are setting a milestone in the development of both companies’ transport services.

Green Cargo is the leading Swedish rail freight company with more than 40 intermodal terminal locations in Sweden and Norway. Together with ECL’s intermodal links to/from several destinations in Germany as well as to/from Luxembourg, France, Spain and Italy, the cooperation between the two companies will provide customers with access to seamless transports through Europe. Under the premise of reducing CO2 emissions, it will be possible to move trailer, containers or swap bodies from road to rail up to 2,500 km.

All of the international connections offered under this cooperation agreement can be booked directly via ECL for the entire route, including cross-border connections and ferry links.