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Lübeck: +49 4502 3075 – 0
Rostock: +49 381 67069 – 0
St.Petersburg: +7 812 3808365

AEOC Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Your Goods in Good Hands

Our offices are based in the ports of Luebeck and Rostock, which are Europes´ most important handling areas in the Baltic for traffic, from and to Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. In co-operation with the Luebecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH and PLU Papier-Lager- and Umschlagsgesellschaft mbH in Rostock we can ensure, that the right equipment for handling any type of goods is permanently available.

The main focus is on the handling of forest products, carried out with dedicated equipment matching the demands of our customers. Equipped with the most modern fork-lift vehicles and clamp technology, we are able to handle paper reels with a width up to 4.30 m and weight up to 7 tons.

We are also superbly equipped for the handling of Bulk goods, general cargo of all kinds, trailers and HGV Ro-Ro traffic and combined loading. Constant monitoring of all handling and loading by independent surveyors ensures the safe and secure handling of goods entrusted to us.

Your contact:

  Timo Berg
Fon: (+49) 4502 3075 - 130

modernste Stapler- und Klammertechnik Schwergutumschlag