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Lübeck: +49 4502 3075 – 0
Rostock: +49 381 67069 – 0
St.Petersburg: +7 812 3808365

AEOC Certificate ISO 9001:2015

The Right Storage Facilities

This is of special importance for paper und pulp.

The most important requirements for all storage areas as well as the port facility itself include:

Warehouses are inspected at regular intervals by surveyors for cleanliness and condition. The adherence to procedures for storage is also continually checked.

Our storage capacity in warehouses and covered areas in Luebeck and Rostock total approximately 200,000 m². All warehouses have a rail connection and covered loading areas. This ensures protected loading for goods sensitive to wetness in all weather conditions.

Your contact:

  Timo Berg
Fon: (49) 4502 3075 -130

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